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CTE is a Non-Profit & Non-Governmental Organization. CTE is dedicated to the field of Traditional Education. CTE is a registered trust in Mysore, Karnataka. We are a team of inspired individuals working with the aim of reviving Traditional Education. We believe that traditional education concepts, curriculum, and methodologies have a solution to the quagmire of complexities that exist in the society today. Researching, networking, teacher’s training, organizing parents, establishing model traditional educational centers and facilitating existing ones, are our core areas. Explore this pure and exciting journey!   Read More




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  • Go-Krishi Convention 2017 at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
  • HOLISTIC COW CARE & MANAGEMENT SESSION, Bangalore on 24-25th December 2017, 
  • Krishna Krida Fun Workshop at Vijayanagar, Bangalore on 16-17th December 2017

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Vedic Educational Products

'Kṛṣṇa Kri̅da̅', is a game product of Centre for Traditional Education based on the philosophy described in ancient texts. This concept has been presented in our publication "Kṛṣṇa Kri̅da̅, The Art of Engaging Children's Playful Attitude". Kṛṣṇa Kri̅da̅ range of game products are toys and other games that facilitate sacred transcendental play of your child.

Research & Publication

Centre for Traditional Education has a dedicated team doing research works & publications in various domains. Its wide range of books & e-books covers Education, Livelihood & Vedic methodologies mainly.

Seminar & Workshop

Centre for Traditional Education organises various seminars & workshops throughout the year. These seminars are open to all and interested person can take participation by doing registration via online/offline with us.

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Gurukula education remains most crucial aspect of our times because right education is the only way to make right impact in the society. Please go ahead with enthusiasm and focus

-Sri Madhava Das

Serving to preserve the samskriti (culture) is the need of the hour. May Lord Narayan bless you in this endeavor

-Retd. Prof Varadhar

Nobody is taking Gurukula seriously. It has been left for poor students only. There are challenges from every side. Your efforts is most crucial at this juncture

-Dr.Sadananda Jois
Guru, Vedamata Veda Sanskrit Gurukul, Pathashala.

This is the root solution for all problems in the society. What you are doing is very very important and necessary!

Vimukti Viswa Vidyalaya Gurukul, Ahmedabad.

This is a very good effort that is very much needed in the society. May Lord Hari bless you.

-Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya
Honoured for Sanskrit scholars of India by President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Bangalore.

Please continue this effort with enthusiasm and dedication. I wish you well and many more laurels in your meaningful journey in the path of Indian Tradition Education.

D.Litt, Founder & President of Brahmarishi Shilpa Gurukulam (Bangalore University), Bangalore.

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