WHEN:24th Sunday & 25th Monday-DECEMBER, 2017, 9 am-6pm

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*Language:*English,will translate to Kannada

VENUE: SHIVANI ORGANICS, 1st flr,Club Road, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-40

*ENTRY FEES:*Rs 300/- per person inclusive of Lunch. Limited seats.


  • Dr Sreekumar.S (BVSc & AH,PGCVH) &
  • Dr Sreekala.V (BVSc & AH,PGCVH)

Both of them worked as Veterinary officers from 1992 to 2010 in TRCMPU ltd, MILMA, Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, Trivandrum, Kerala.India.

From 2013 both are serving as a Holistic Veterinarians for Gokuldham Vedic eco-village project(60 cows), Ahmadabad ISKCON farm project and Mayapur Goshala (400 cows). Also serving as a Free lance Holistic Veterinarian for Private farm projects across the country .

Dr Sreekala .V has also worked as Veterinary officer in Guruvayur Devasvom goshalas in the year 2013.

Both of them  manages various diseases of cows with Homeopathy and natural remedies only.


  • Basics of cow maintenance
  • The Feeding and digestive system of cows (what to feed, how to feed)
  • Understanding of the breeding of cows, Cow pregnancy care, Calf care
  • Common diseases for cows and natural remedies
  • Introduction of Local breed of Cow (south India, with special reference to Karnataka)
  • Healthy nutritious diet of cow in as per region (Karnataka)
  • What are unique features of cow breeds? How to identify different breeds?
  • Cow in Goshala & cow in Farm
  • Surabhi - the holistic healer (Soil, Environment)
  • How to create grazing space within farms like say we have 10 acres of farm land
  • How to teach and train them to graze there and not other crop?
  • How to interact with cows, human and cow language
  • Dos and don'ts of transportation of cows between farms
  • We shall cover how cows cure all diseases so far identified
  • Paving the Way to Cow Protection- The Pledge
  • How city dwellers can support Gau(creative ideas)

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Organised by:

CTE - Centre for Traditional Education

Jointly with Shivani Organics


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