“Our purpose is to document and research the traditional education concepts, methodology, and curriculum, and also to establish a network, thus paving the way for reviving of traditional education in India”

"CTE" is a team of inspired individuals working with the aim of reviving Traditional Education. We believe that traditional education concepts, curriculum, and methodologies have a solution to the quagmire of complexities that exist in the society today due to lack of value education. Our proposal is no less than reviving traditional education through establishing and encouraging Vedapathashalas, Gurukulas and other such traditional models. In support of this aim, we also intend to do the following:

  • To document the knowledge, techniques and methodologies related the traditional education from the domain and create a metadata.
  • To widely network with the existing Vedpathashalas and Gurukulas and create a resource book and update the same.
  • To research manuscripts, translate into different languages and publish them in order to reestablish the lost curriculum of traditional education.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, and conferences to advance the cause of the Traditional education.
  • To popularize Sanskrit as an important medium of instruction.
  • To promote and facilitate cow protection as an essential and integral part of traditional education.

"CTE" is not funded by the Government or the corporate sector. Individual donors provide Dakshina (contributions in response to our services and based on individual's capacity) to carry on with the above objectives. We greatly appreciate such contributions and in humility, we reciprocate through few schemes. It is our firm conviction that we are just the instruments in the hands of God and nothing is in our control except our honest intentions and inspired endeavors. Your participation in this journey will be exciting!

Traditional education:

Education has been an integral part of human civilization. It has shaped so many generations for thousands of years and remains doing so in our present. However, the modern ethos of capitalism, communism, socialism, Darwinism, etc., have created an unsustainable environment for fulfillment of human goal of life. We believe that the root issue is lack of proper education. Therefore, it becomes imperative to not only look into the age old tradition of education but revive it for a sustainable ‘spiritual’ as well as ‘material’ well-being of the present civilization.

Why Traditional Education?

Traditional Education is a hidden treasure. If a little effort is put in reviving it, there are great fruits to be reaped! Under modernism, it is rare to find candidates (students), sponsorers (state) and climate (society) to re-establish true education that Vedic tradition taught us. This calls for a mammoth effort at a great speed to catch up.

Key Focus Areas

Curriculum Research

The source of curriculum for Traditional education is Vedas. The need for research is two fold:
(1) To compile and present it with relevance to principles espoused in Srimad Bhagavatam
(2) To compile and present it with relevance where necessary to the current challenges of life


The curriculum of the Traditional Education is lost to the modem world. But we are convinced this treasure can be still unearthed with active research. Manuscript mission and documantation is presently the scope of our research activity. We are on trail of many more manuscripts at present. If you are intrested to participate in translation work, manuscript search and documantation or in donation, please know that you are very importent to us....


An understanding of Traditional Educational history can help readers contribute to the process of rebuilding healthy communities in which education is built on an acceptance and respect for languages, cultures and worldviews.

Establishing Gurukulas:

We Interact with parents and stakeholders interested to start Gurukula and phase wise establish model Gurukulas into consideration various factors.