Nimitta-Jnana, The Art of Foretelling Events



About the Book

This book explores one of the 64 traditional arts called “Nimitta-Jnana”, The Art of Foretelling Events. The world around us a dynamic ever interacting and directly the result of the grand plan of The Supreme Personality of Godhead for our reformation. The Supreme Lord also continuously interacts with the us personally through various nimittas. Know how to become a nimitta matra by exploring this one of the 64 arts.

 Author : Bharath Chandra Dasa.


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  • TITLE: Nimatta-Jnana
  • SIZE: D1/8
  • PAGES: 192
  • INNER PAPER: 80Gsm Maplitho
  • COLOR: Black
  • COVER PAPER: 300Gsm Matt Lamination
  • FINISHING: Perfect Bound
  • ISBN No.: 9788192632216

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