A Course on 30 Qualities for Civilized Human Beings

In order to be called as a “civilized human being”, Srimad Bhagavatam lays down 30 qualities that everyone should acquire. Just by acquiring these qualities, The Supreme Personality of Godhead becomes pleased. Real dharma is “nava-vidha bhakti” or the acquisition of the qualities of devotional service. Through this, the other 21 supplementary qualities in support…

Two types of Medicines – Aushadham and Bheshajam

Two types of Medicine as per Ayurveda aushadham bheshajam proktam dviprakaram cikitsitam, tayorvisesham vakshyami bheshajaushadhayordvayoh aushadham dravya saàyogam bruvate dipanadikam, hutavratatapodanam santikarma ca bheshajam There are two types of medicine, namely, “Aushadham” and “Bheshajam”. Aushadham is that which is made up by mixing various medicinal ingredients and tonics. Whereas, Bheshajam is medicine or cure through…

Varnasrama in Today’s World – Webinar

A webinar is scheduled on 9th June, 5pm IST.

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When: Jun 9, 2020 17:00 India
Topic: Webinar — Varnasrama in Today’s World

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