There is no ‘r’ sound in pronouncing ḽ (ऌ).  For example, in the word ‘kḽptam’ meaning ‘limited’ the kḽ rhymes with the kṛ of kṛṣṇa (Krishna) but there is no ‘r’ sound – an approximate representation of the word would be kliptam.

Many wrongly pronounce ḽ like lṛ.  It is probably the result of confusion because of the similarity of representation of these characters in Devanagari:

ऌ  लृ 

In the varṇamālā   a, ā, i, ī, u, ū, ṛ and  then  ऌ ;  la, lā, li, lī, lu, lū and then  लृ.   So, these are not meant to be pronounced alike.