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Panduranga Soft Toy


Cute little Panduranga is sure to charm your child as they play, feed and make Him sleep. Imagine a child spending his/her childhood playing with Panduranga and behold the very same Panduranga in Pandharpur Dham when they grow up! A stream of love and devotion is sure to overwhelm them and immerse them in transcendental bliss!

Carefully handmade and handstitched.



Size: 16 inches (1.4ft) Height,

Material: Cloth

Durability: 5 years. Everything is stitched to ensure that children cannot pluck out anything.

Vitthal Rukmini


Vitthala Rukmini, the enthralling divine couple are sure to capture the mind of your child. With folded hands on their waist, they are very cute enough to bring the transcendental pastimes of Sri Krsna in Dvaraka to life in young minds. Bring home the delight today either as a gift that lasts forever in the heart!




Height – 5.5inch

Width – 3.5 inch



Height – 5.2 inch

Width – 3 inch