CTE is not funded by the government or the corporate sector. Individuals provide dakshina (voluntary contributions based on one’s capacity as a sacred duty by those who have benefited from our teaching courses and other services) to carry on with the objectives of CTE. We greatly appreciate such contributions and reciprocate through few schemes. It is our firm conviction that we are just the instruments in the hands of Sri Krsna, and nothing is in our control except our honest intentions and enthusiastic endeavors. Your participation in this journey will be exciting!

Every support counts…… Every donation is BIG to us.
Donate today to Centre for Traditional Education and share the joy of participation


At Centre for Traditional Education, you will find interesting opportunities to get involved. Together we can accomplish great things. There are several ways you can get involved with our work. Here are some ways you can get involved with Center for Traditional Education and be part of the exciting journey into the world of reviving traditional education! Welcome to the family of Centre for Traditional Education!

  1. Teach Gurukula students the area of your expertise in traditional education
  2. Translate our books
  3. Distribute our books
  4. Conduct or help conduct seminars/ workshops on a traditional educational system, curriculum, etc.
  5. Take part in research
  6. Visit Gurukulas or alternative educational facilities in your region and let us know
  7. Raise funds for our upcoming publications or our activities in general
  8. Contribute or raise contributions in kind (grains, stationery, teaching equipment, any other hardware or software, etc)
  9. Share and propagate

You may also take part in the following ways:

  1. You can turn your residence into a Pathashala or a Gurukula. Are you interested? Know how. Contact Us.
  2. Register your Pathashala/ Gurukula with CTE.
  3.  Develop resources (software/ hardware/ tools/ stationary) to facilitate conduct of Pathashala/ Gurukula.
  4.  Share your experience.

Or just drop your ideas, suggestions or anything worth sharing with us.