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12 Mahajana Wooden Toys

12 Mahajan Wooden Toys Contains of 12 Mahajan toys that is Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Bhagavan Narada, the 4 Kumaras, Lord Kapila [the son of Devahuti], Yamaraja, Svayambhuva Manu, Prahlada Maharaja, Bali Maharaja, Janaka Maharaja, Sukadeva Gosvami and Grandfather Bhisma.

Dāna-Keli Krida


Dāna Keli Krida is a strategic game. The objective is to take the side of either Kṛṣṇa’s team or Radharani’s team and try to win over the opponent in the ensuing toll tax argument.

Dashavatara Krida-patra


Dashavatara Krida Patra are a pack of 120 cards. There are 12 cards each designated for each avatara of Lord Krsna. As we all know there are 10 proncipal avataras of Lord Krsna – Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narashima, Vamana, Parashurama, SriRamachandra, Balaram, Bhudha and Kalki.

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Dashavatara Wooden Toys


Dashavatara Wooden Toys Contains of 10 Avatara toys that is Matsya Avatara, Kurma Avatara, Varaha Avatara, Narashima Avatara, Vamana Avatara, Parashurama Avatara, Sri Ramachandra A vatara, Balaram Avatara, Bhudha Avatara and Kalki Avatara




About the Book

Gabhadhana-samskara, the first and most important of all the purificatory processes in the tradition of Sanatana dharma is yet either less prevalent today or almost extinct. Such a sacred practice remains obscure, less propagated and even less understood. The new publication titled, “Garbha̅dha̅na-samska̅ra, The Science of Vedic Family Planning” humbly attempts to fills this gap. The book discusses in detail the importance, goal, definitions, method for fixing a day and time, preparations, vows to be followed, and much more. The stories, appendices and illustrations make the book holistic in its presentation.

Author : Bharath Chandra Dasa.


  • Product id: 322-003
  • TITLE: Garbhadhana Samskara
  • SIZE: D1/8
  • PAGES: 320
  • INNER PAPER: 80Gsm Maplitho
  • COLOR: Black
  • COVER PAPER: 350Gsm Matt Lamination
  • FINISHING: Section Stiching & Perfect Bound
  • ISBN No.: 9788192632223


Gomata Puzzle Game


Lord Kṛṣṇa describes Mother Cow as: “sarvdevamayaḥgauḥ” (Bhaviṣya Purāṇa, 4.159.5), meaning that all the demigods reside in the body of Mother Cow. Because cows are pure and shelter for all the three worlds, each demigod took their position in the cow’s body. It is very interesting to note that a specific location was given to each demigod. Find out who took which position, flex your brain muscles and wrangle with well carved pieces of this interesting puzzle game, a perfect edutainment for your kids as well as adults!




About the Book

The wonderful names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Śrī Kṛṣṇa is meant to be relished again and again by the devotees. Each of the name of the Supreme Lord carries a distinct aroma that can tantalize the taste buds and trigger the divine intellect. Locked within these names are confidential meanings of the dimensions of the Absolute Truth. This compilation was originally meant to serve as a comprehensive guide for the Harināmāmṛta scrabble game but bringing out in the book format shall be indeed helpful to all in general..

Author : Bharath Chandra Dasa.


  • Product id: 322-004
  • TITLE: Harinama Kosa
  • SIZE: D1/16
  • PAGES: 96
  • INNER PAPER: 80Gsm Maplitho
  • COLOR: Black
  • COVER PAPER: 300Gsm Matt Lamination
  • FINISHING: Perfect Bound
  • ISBN No.: 9788192632230


Jagannatha Ratha


The Festival of Chariot can now very well become a routine transcendental playful affair for your child! This ‘Ratha’ or cart has been designed especially for kids of age group 2 years – 10 years.