1 month ago

Giriraj arrives on the Garage wall! Art by Narasimha & Maharathi

1 month ago
Radhika does spontaneous high pitched kirtan!


4.5 year old Radhika performing high pitched kirtan spontaneously!

1 month ago

Book distribution yatra by young Srikari of 7.8 years!

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2 months ago
Why parents are choosing to unschool their children

Why parents are choosing to unschool their children

“Schools have failed our individual needs, supporting false and misleading notions of progress and development fostered by the belief that ... See more

Tired of the conformist educational code in the country, some parents are now taking the path less travelled and choosing to homeschool and even unschool their children.

2 months ago
Foreigners in Padma list: Lady who saves cows and 100-year-old old yoga teacher

Good news in recognition for her dedication in service of Gomata.


India conferred Padma Shri to Friederike Irina, a German lady popularly known as Sudevi Mataji, who has been taking care of sick & abandoned cows in Mathura for over 2 decades.

3 months ago
Govt. bans film songs, dance during School Day events - Star of Mysore

Great move by the Department of Education! Someone sane out there really did this! Kudos. Should be on a national ... See more

Bengaluru: The Department of Public Instructions has banned film songs and dance during Annual Day celebrations at both government and private schools from next academic year. Officials in the ... See more

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