How to volunteer at CTE?

At Centre for Traditional Education, we are in constant need of volunteers. Our volunteers come from varied backgrounds and locations. You are valuable to us irrespective of caste, color, creed and sex. At CTE, we have a policy to also support you financially for field visits, accommodation, etc, in the course of your voluntary services.

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Translation services:

Translation of our publications as well as many other important materials and manuscripts in different languages. We also need help in translation of Sanskrit manuscripts to English, Hindi or Kannada. We are ready to offer basic financial support required for such voluntary services. If you are interested in this service.

Research services:

Research in the field of traditional education is a very vast field. Research in to the 64 Traditional Arts, into manuscripts related to the vedic curriculum itself are the life-long mission. Imagine only a handful involved in this! We therefore are in need for volunteers in this field of research.

Networking services:

We would like to establish a network with all the existing Gurukulas and other institutes offerring traditional education and curriculum. In this connection, our team members are visiting such centres. The services include discussion, interview with the head of the institute, interview with children, filling out a survey form and a questionnaire, clicking few photos with permissions.

Fundraising services:

We are in need to raise funds for various projects and publications that are lined up and taking place currently. Therefore, funds need to be raised from generous people who feel that we can make a difference together. We believe that when we are serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, Laxmi or Goddess of Fortune will no doubt follow. With this conviction, we are engaged and we request you to help us approach people who, by inspiration of Sri Krishna in the heart, can contribute whatever minute way it could be.


Occasionally we require volunteers to support our offices and administrative functions. Flexible hours and days available.

Any other:

If you have technical expertise and would like to offer your services pro bono, Please write to us at

Benefits of volunteering:

Volunteering gives you the chance to Make new friends Put your skills and talents to good use Learn new skills and ,gain experience in a new area Benefit from training Work in a pleasant environment Centre for Traditional Education offers our volunteers . A commitment to volunteers and volunteering Training and support appropriate to your role Assistance with out of pocket expenses Volunteer Newsletter.